Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Blog-o-Versary to Us!

This week is our one year BLOG-O-VERSARY! When I first started this blog, I wasn't really sure what direction it would take, how it would work, or if anyone would even read it. The only thing I was sure about was I wanted this to be fun. Luckily, that goal has been reached because I am fortunate enough to be working for a publisher that lets me write about velociraptors, making desserts, and baseball, just to name a few. 

The next year will bring all kids of wonderful and exciting things, including a brand new member of our publicity team, Emily. You can start following her on Twitter at @EmRivet. I know that all of our loyal blog readers will love getting to know her and the contributions she will be making to Peachtee and the blog-o-sphere in 2011. 

Along with a new member to the publicity team, we're giving you a new way to read and review our books! Peachtree Publishers is now a member of NetGalley. If you're not a member, you'll want to sign up for galleys galore! You can download PDFs onto your computer or e-reader of Peachtree's upcoming This Girl is Different by J.J. Johnson, as well as get a sneak peak of The Cheshire Cheese Cat written by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright. 

Lastly, in celebration of one year of blogging, we'll be giving away a grab bag of books! To enter, just leave us a comment about Peachtree, our blog, our Twitter, or our books, along with your e-mail address. Thank you for supporting Peachtree Publishers (& our blog!) over the past year and going into 2011.


  1. Happy blogiversary! I hope you blog for many years to come!

  2. Happy BlogOVersary!!! you have some wonderful books! :)

  3. Happy Blog-o-versary! What a milestone! I love Peachtree books and would love to win a grab bag! I am a NetGalley member, so I will have to hop over there and get This Girl is Different.

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  5. The diversity of your blog makes it very interesting for a wide range of audience.

    A Happy Blog-o-versary to you! May your days be full of articles!!


  6. Happy Blog-O-Versary!! Love your blog! I hope you'll continue blogging for many more years. :))


  7. Aw, yay! Happy 1 year Blog-o-versary!! I have fallen in love with Peachtree Publishers since rediscovering them as an 'adult' I've enjoyed the books as a younger reader, but as an adult I'm really enjoying the whole company and its approach. Especially how friendly everyone is! :o) Congratulations on a year, and best of blogging and bookish adventures in the year(s) to come :o)

  8. Happy blogoversary, it's a wonderful achievement and you are most deservedly proud.

  9. Happy blogoversary! I've been enjoying following your blog and you publish some wonderful books.


  10. Happy Blog-aversary! Always wonderful to read. One of the few that make a point of checking. A good last year, a better this.
    Monday Mike.

  11. Yay! Happy Blogoversary to you :) I still have your post saved about what publishers are looking for from book blogs, particularly when it comes to review policies and requests.

    Hope year 2 in the blog world is even better than the first!


  12. Happy one year and here is to many more :D

  13. Happy Blogoversary! Has it really been that long? seems like only yesterday that you dove into the blog pool. Can't wait to see all that is in store for the coming year but with your great team and the fab books Peachtree continues to put out, it's sure to be good. Off to check out the new team member on Twitter! Happy reading...


  14. Happy Blog-o-Versary! I am so glad you are on NetGalley now. I have fallen in love with reading and reviewing from there - I'm definitely going to add This Girl is Different and The Cheshire Cheese Cat to my list. Thanks!

  15. Happy Blogoversary! I squealed when I saw you were using Netgalley! Looking forward to another wonderful year of reading Peachtree books!

  16. Your books are so fabulous and unique!
    I appreciate the eclectic nature of your
    blog and books...
    I am anxiously awaiting new publications.
    Most of all, your blog/books are such fun!
    Have many more Blogoversaries.
    Thanks very much, Cindi

  17. Oh, please enter me! (Am I too late?)

  18. Congratulations! I'm thrilled to see you're on NetGalley. It's been a long time since I interned with Peachtree, but I still love y'all and your boks!

  19. I was able to read "This Girl is Different" via NetGalley. As a home schooling Mom, I was very curious how that book was going portray home schooling. I started reading it and finished it within a day. I loved it. I am so glad that you are making your titles available on NetGalley, otherwise I might have missed this title and that would have been a shame!

  20. Happy Blog-o-Versary! And congrats on the new team member! Is Peachtree Publishers hiring for any other positions at the moment?


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