June Blog Tour of Epic Proportions!!!!

The June Blog Tour of Epic Proportions started a while back, when I got the idea of sending blog tour check lists to book bloggers and letting them pick which book or books interested them the most to write about. This evolved into a month long celebration of three of our new titles, The Brain Full of Holes, The Everlasting Now, and Gaff. Below you can find a list of current posts, previous posts, and upcoming posts. Check them out, support our books and your fellow book bloggers and let us know what you think of it all!

June Blog Tour Stops:
"This book is a wonderful description of 1930s life in the South."

"The Brain strikes again in this wacky but wonderful tale that will have you reaching books end in record time...you won't want to put it down."

"From the very beginning you are drawn into this book."
"...one hell of an enjoyable mystery. A mystery that is neither predictable nor too twisty that middle graders will have difficulty following."
"This is a highly recommended book for upper elementary/middle school kids to get a glimpse at an important subject that is not often talked about. In the process they will meet some indelible characters and learn more about the Hawaiian culture and language."

"...a fun and zany mystery, good humor, and fast action."

"The wit and humor his main characters exude will leave the reader crying with laughter."
"...a good historical read. The prose of a sleepy Southern town, alive with rich characters, is enjoyable, and offers a happy note even in a time of a downtrodden nation."

"It all started with the highly unexpected humpback whale attack. Not  to mention the killer koalas, the organized lorikeet poop-strafing, and the SUV-stealing possums. For sure, there are strange things afoot in Sheldon McGlone's sleepy little town of Farrago Bay"

"This book is a fun read and highly recommended for pre-teens and younger teens as well. For that matter, this adult looks forward to reading more exploits from Sheldon and The Brain."