Friday, August 8, 2014

#FreeBookFriday: Susan Stockdale Pack

I'm happy to announce that #FreeBookFriday is here to stay!

Just drop by the blog on the first Friday of every month to get the scoop on the month's giveaway. Each giveaway will run for 7 days, and (because we're all about making Mondays less dreadful) the winner will be announced on the following Monday.

WOAH. You know what that means, don't you?

If you just jumped up and down while clapping your hands, then launched into a quick but enthusiastic version of the Mocarena while shouting, "It means that TODAY, the first Friday in August, is a #FreeBookFriday and Niki and Christine are TOTALLY going to send me free books!", then A: you should do it again and send us the video, and B: yes, emphatic book nerd, you're right!

Since the official Stripes of All Types Teacher's Guide is hot off the press, we're making this #FreeBookFriday a Susan Stockdale pack of Stripes plus Fabulous Fishes, Carry Me!, and Bring on the Birds.

With engaging rhymes and bold images, award-winning author and illustrator Susan Stockdale introduces young readers to nature’s patterns in Stripes of All Types.

Enter to win your Susan Stockdale pack below (and don't forget your Teacher's Guide)!

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  1. I like the pattern on giraffes and leopards. Such pretty patterns.

  2. I like the pattern on raccoons!

  3. I love this book! Can't wait to use it for math and science classes.

  4. This would be great for my little kinders. I love it!

  5. Congratulations to Robin N.! You've won this #FreeBookFriday giveaway! Thanks to all who participated. We'll see you back here on September 5th for another #FreeBookFriday :)


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