Monday, October 29, 2012

The Scarecrow's Hat

Fall is my favorite time of year. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, and excitement for fall and winter holidays hangs in the air. Plus, the weather is finally not so miserably hot out (unless you live in Atlanta, that is).

Kids are busily planning the best Halloween costume ever, and weekends are filled with apple festivals, corn mazes and haunted hayrides. And, of course, I love wrapping up in a scarf and going pumpkin picking.

Another fall staple? Scarecrows! Which conveniently brings us to our Backlist Spotlight this week:

The Scarecrow's Hat
Written and Illustrated by Ken Brown
*Now available in paperback! 

In this cleverly circular story, the scarecrow is in desperate need of a walking stick. After all, he's been standing int he same spot for years with his arms out -- how tiring! 

He tells the chicken he'd even trade his hat for one! Now, the chicken doesn't have a walking stick, but he just might know someone who does...

This is an incredibly cute story filled with fortuitous swaps and trades (that could also be tied into a lesson plan about bartering!) but you'll have to read it to find out how far the chicken has to go to make the final swap, if the scarecrow can finally rest on a walking stick and what the chicken (and all the other animals) gets out of the deal!

I must say, the scarecrow's request for a walking stick is completely reasonable. When I was in 2nd grade, my class put on a fall play for our parents and I played the part of the scarecrow. From what I remember, this was quite the honor because I had the most lines and got to be on stage for the entire play! Of course that also meant that I had to hold my arms up the whole time. Where was my walking stick when I needed it?   

What's your favorite fall activity? Leave a comment here on the blog with your email address and tell us what you're most looking forward to this fall! You could win a copy of The Scarecrow's Hat for your own library! 

Happy Reading! 

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  1. This book looks absolutely adorable. We've already done one of our favorite fall things. Each year we go to the pumpkin patch to pick out our Halloween pumpkins and take adorable pictures of the kiddos.

    Another favorite thing is raking leaves in order to jump in the pile. After we've made a good mess and cleaned it up then we sip hot apple cider (sometimes by the fire).

    Lots of family activities...

  2. So far this Fall the only thing I have been doing is reading and reviewing children's books. To win one would be a nice change.

    My favorite thing in the Fall is wearing sweaters. I like sweaters and the new crisp air is perfect weather for the knit tops.

    When younger, the Fall meant that school--college--would start soon and I loved to go to school. Summer was over, it was now time to get busy. I need a cool day. Hot days make my mind drift, so Fall is the perfect time to start a new project.

  3. We love watching the leaves change colors. Then as they fall we find all the pretty ones we can and press them. Later we seal them with mod podge and have beautiful reminders of all of falls beauty.


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