Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year again -- Spring Cleaning time! 

Every year, I put it off. But when I finally get around to my spring cleaning, I just feel so...clean! I love when I discover things I haven't missed and can give away or throw out.  It's always daunting at first, but slowly my spirits are lifted with every filled trash bag headed to the curb. Then my house is clean, everything is organized and there's the glimmer of hope that it will stay that way for at least an hour before I start living in it again.

This spring, we have a new picture book about just that -- cleaning out the old stuff to make room for a new life and finding your home in a new place.

The House on Dirty-Third Street tells the tale of a young girl and her mother who move into a run down house. "It's perfect because we can afford it," her mother says. 

Fixing it up and cleaning it out becomes a more overwhelming task than originally anticipated, however, and soon they feel like they are in over their heads. 

With help from their neighbors, though, they learn how to make a house a home and build up a community. 

The beautiful illustrations by Thomas Gonzalez (14 Cows for America) mirror the characters' desperation growing into hope, with every turn of the page getting brighter and cheerier. A heartwarming story about starting over in difficult circumstances, this book truly teaches the meaning of community and seeing with eyes of faith.

Would you like a copy? Enter for your chance to win our giveaway by leaving me a comment on the blog with your email address and "liking" our Facebook page. I'll notify the winner via email by the end of the week! 

Tell me about your favorite thing about spring -- I'll get you started:

I love the sunlight and how bright it stays so late in the day! 

Happy Reading!

*U.S. residents only, please
**Contest ends 11:59 p.m. March 29, 2012


  1. I am so glad I found this site! I know what it feels like to get the house all cleaned up. I just don't get to feel that goodness enough, though :O) The title of the book is cute! I would love to win a copy, my email address is: I will now go and 'like' your facebook page.

  2. My favorite thing about spring is being able to raise the windows and hear the children laughing and playing in the neighbor.

    Like Janet, I'm excited about this site and about this new picture book! The title interests me a lot. At first I questioned, could it be a play on words (where the child is unable to say thirty)? This will be a great "what do you think?" question for my early learners. Crossing my fingers!

  3. My favorite thing about spring is the feel of the sun breaking through the still chilled air and warming my skin...such a lovely feeling!

    I am hoping to win this exciting new book, I would love to do a book review on it for my blog!

    Anxiously waiting,
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  4. Emailing the winner now...(Sorry this took a couple of days -- last week was CRAZY!) Watch your inboxes!

  5. Thanks for sharing your awesome blog! More power!


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