Friday, March 16, 2012

Mooshka, a Quilt Story

Sunday is National Quilting Day (who knew?) and we're celebrating with a feature about our new picture book, Mooshka, a Quilt Story!

I recently visited a friend of mine who has started quilting and I'm so impressed! I had no idea how complicated it was until she started explaining it to me! Since I'm not quilter, all the steps and actual names for processes are escaping me as I recall my visit, so here's what I remember:

Start with pretty fabric...

Cut it up! Wash/dry it first, I think, if you're making a quilt. Otherwise your quilt might shrink up in weird places when you try to wash it later.
When you quilt, you get to use a really cool looking cutting board/measuring thing. Sometimes these are green, like my friend's, which is pictured above. :)
Sew pieces into a small block...

Sew the small blocks into big blocks!

Another tip: Don't follow my directions! There lots of really neat quilting/crafting books and classes out there. Or, find a friend to show you how!

Enter for your chance to win a copy of Mooshka, a Quilt Story by telling me about your crafty hobbies or if there are any treasured heirlooms in your family! I'll pick a winner on Friday, March 23! (If you go like our Facebook page, I'll put your name in the drawing TWICE!)

Also, check out author Julie Pashckis's blog post about the story! It's fascinating how she found her inspiration for every page in the book by looking back at her own family history!

You can find her blog post here at Books Around the Table!

Happy Reading! 

*U.S. residents only, please
**Contest ends Thursday, March 22 and 11:59 p.m.


  1. My mother was into sewing. She made all her grand kids clothes until they went to school. Made me a dress from this neat material. I still have even though it no longer fits me.

    That is not what I treasure. Mom also got into china painting and made the most gorgeous china plates. They decorate my walls at home now. No one knew she could draw like she did - not even mom.

    Mom tried everything. She made a wool rug. I still have a piece of paper she kept, and the rug. It says $46/162 hours. I think it costs that amount in supplies and took those hours to make. I think it is neat.

    Sitting in my china cabinet are a cu-pie doll and a nativity set that is just adorable. And all of this craftiness started with a small ceramic ornament mom painted. She asked how she did and I told it looked good. Actually, it was awful. But that one little white lie opened up floods of creativity mom had deep inside. When dad retired, he and mom did many of these things together. He was very proud of her, and so am I.

  2. Remaking items headed for the trash was my favorite hobby growing up. Cardboard boxes became my little pony palaces complete with all the amenities. I created tables and chairs from those little plastic things that keep your pizza away from the delivery box. My girls seem to have picked up the hobby. I am happy to say the first manned mission to Mercury took place today with Cinderella and Snow White at the helm of a cheeseball container spaceship!

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  4. Thanks for your sweet stories! I love these! Picking the winner shortly via random number generator (also known as "picking out of a hat"!

  5. Well, I'm to late for the drawing, but thought I would comment anyway. I love quilts and have quilted a little myself.I like quilting the small ones, they are not so time consuming. I have an old one my grandma quilted for me when I was a kid. She never did the fancy ones, she did them for warmth. Way back, I was told she made quilts and sold them for less than $5.

  6. Thanks Peachtree! My girls and I have enjoyed reading Mooshka. I reviewed the book at:

  7. Awesome patterns thanks! please post more stuff like this!


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