Tuesday, December 6, 2011

C is for Catalogs!

It's about that time of year again, friends! I have catalogs and checklist letters piled up as far as the eye can see and I'm so excited to share with you the titles we have planned for Spring '12! 

This is the cover of our spring '12 catalog--pretty, yes?

This is what my desk looks like this week. Cozy, right? 

Just as soon as I dig my way out of these piles of catalogs, they will be sent out to our many friends in Book Review Land. It's a magical place!

But first, here's the seasonal preview of our new books I just know you've been waiting for! Enter below for your chance to win a prize back of our picture books (as soon as they get in the warehouse, that is)!
The newest additions to the About Habitats...series introduce Oceans and Deserts to young readers. The Sills are at it againtheir beautiful illustrations and compelling imagery coupled with super interesting information will have adults and children eager to learn more about these habitats.

In 1963, four thousand black elementary, middle, and high school students voluntarily went to jail in Birmingham, Alabama to fight for civil rights. Through the eyes of four of these children, We’ve Got a Job tells the story of this little-known event that became a turning point in American history. 

Susan Stockdale's beloved Fabulous Fishes is now available in a board book! Perfect for the littlest little onesthe bright colors and stunning illustrations will enthrall young readers-to-be!

When a mother and daughter find themselves starting over in a new town, the run-down house they planned to fix up doesn't quite feel like home. Soon, they are overwhelmed with the projects and long for the old neighborhood they left behind. As they realize they can't do it all on their own, they reach out to the new community and find that they aren't as alone as they feel. As new friendships are formed and the house gets rebuilt, so does their sense of hope and belonging.

Karla loves the quilt her grandmother made for her using old scraps of fabric from various family members. At night, each colorful piece of cloth tells Karla wonderful stories! When new baby sister Hannah is born, Karla has to find a way to share Mooshka in this intergenerational bedtime story.
In simple yet informative language, A Place for Bats introduces young readers to these interesting creatures and all the ways human action or inaction can affect bat populations. At the end of the book, author Melissa Stewart offers readers a list of things they can do to help protect these special creatures in their own communities!

Miss Lotta Scales is a "real dragon" when it comes to guarding the library books from certain disaster at the hands of grubby children. She won't even let the students touch the books! When one innocent child stumbles into the library and begins reading aloud to the other kids, Miss Scales’s outlook changes. Check out this new edition of the beloved book, which includes an audio CD narrated by Carmen Deedy herself!
A quirky twist to the traditional fairytale, this adorable picture book gives readers a new kind of princess to root for. After tiring of the needs of overly demanding princesses, Prince Henrik devises a test to find a girl who’s not so “sensitive,” using a very thin mattress and an entire packet of frozen peas!

Rose thinks the city is ugly and gray, and she wishes for beautiful red, yellow and blue flowers. The crazy old Birdman who feeds pigeons in the park gives Rose magic seeds to make a beautiful garden grow, and to everyone's surprise, a living garden springs up on Rose’s windowsill!

It’s summer vacation, and Socko and his best friend Damien are taking care to avoid the local gang and its leader, Rapp. When Socko’s great-grandfather suddenly offers to buy a house in the suburbs, Socko’s mom jumps at the chance to leave the bad neighborhood, but all is not what it seems. During his Summer on the Moon, Socko will face a series of tests concerning his own nature, the nature of the world and his place in it all.

This is a sweet, simple board book about an endearing young boy who digs in the dirt and plants seeds.  Time passes and the seeds grow into something amazing. This is the first in a series of three adorable board books, featuring the same character, so keep your eye out for the others, coming soon!

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To enter to win a prize pack of our picture books, leave a comment here with your email address or email me at Rivet@Peachtree-online.com and tell me what you're most looking forward to this spring! 

I'll pick a winner at random on Monday, Dec. 12 so keep an eye on your inbox that day! 

Happy Reading!

*Contest ends 12/11/11 at 11:59 p.m.
**U.S. residents only, please


  1. Wow! So many great titles that I'm DYING to get my hands on! Fabulous Fishes, Seed Magic, and Summer on the Moon look REALLY inviting!

    Thanks for the chance to win these titles!



  2. I look forward to getting back to gardening, and nature trail hiking with my girls!

  3. I'm most looking forward to the 1st spring in my new home and perhaps planting a small garden!

    melissaseclecticbookshelf at gmail dot com

  4. LOL. Is it bad that my desk looks something like that but it's not catalogs? It's just a bunch of stuff I need to go through one day. Can't wait for the new habitat books. My daughter loves them!

  5. I'm going to have to go with The Princess and the packet of Frozen Peas, it looks so hilarious. Spring wise, since I live in Seattle, I'm looking forward to less rain. dorwh at aol dot com

  6. With Spring, comes gardening, so I think the "In the Garden" book would be great to read to my children. But, I think they all look great! Thanks for the opportunity!




  7. Thanks, I'd love to see Princess and the frozen peas too--sounds very funny! I love fractured fairy tales!

    The Fourth Musketeer

  8. Here at Sprouts we cannot wait to do our garden this spring. We love to learn about insects and growing veggies!

    Holly Baumkratz

  9. I most looking forward to more daylight hours in the spring! Hate it getting dark so early!

    Brian Hopkins

  10. SO excited to see a new story about Quilts- They are hard to find for Early Childhood students and for helping to teach the letter Q !


  11. I look forward to teaching my kindergarteners and being able to go outside for some hands-on lessons while learning about plants!


  12. I am most looking forward to making use of our new preschool flower garden on our play ground.


  13. I would love to read Summer on the moon and A place for bats. I am always looking for great science books and books that would interest boys. I have two of my own and the both said they would like to read Summer on the moon.

  14. What a lovely group of books. I always look forward to daffodils in the sping, but I'm still waiting for winter to arrive up north first!! I need some snow!
    Happy holidays!
    Amanda Jaros

  15. What an interesting selection of books. I can name a child or two in my class who would love to each selection - especially the nonfiction ones.

  16. What a great selection of books! I am looking forward to using our school's outside classroom for reading and journal writing time. Warm spring mornings outside = inspired writers and readers!
    writergrad at gmail dot com

  17. Cathryn Sill is always a huge favorite at our library - I use her books in our storytimes for the nonfiction component always. Can't wait for About Oceans! Also looking forward to the board book of Fabulous Fishes - I read this to 100 kindergarteners every summer and it never fails to please!


  18. thanks for a great giveaway! so many great books...i am looking forward to all the great time we will spend outdoors this spring !


  19. What great books! I can't wait to see the new titles by Cathryn & John Sill.


  20. I'm looking forward to enjoying some sunshine and warmth!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  21. Thank you guys so much for entering!! I love all your spring-y comments! Emailing the winner now...


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