Monday, April 12, 2010

Amateur Night at the Read-A-Thon

My first ever Read-A-Thon is over, one manuscript, one middle reader, a picture book and a young adult memoir later. Here are a few things I learned to keep in mind for next time:

  • It's really hard to read at the dog park. 
  • When your friends come over to read with you, it is a ton of fun, but very little reading actually gets done.
  • 24 hours is a really long time. 
  • When you think, "I'll sit and read in bed," you're actually going to fall asleep, so read in a chair in the living room instead.
  • Being home alone reading to yourself all day makes you do silly things like read to the dog (or your blog readers), just to hear a human voice.
  • Being a cheerleader is a sweet deal. Sign me up for that next time!
  • You won't actually have time to read as many blog posts and twitter feeds as you would like. 
  • Participate in lots of challenges. It's a nice way to break up the reading. 
  • Your mom reading to you over the phone counts. It's like an unofficial audio book. 
I wasn't good about keeping track of my pages read, hours spent reading, etc, but I enjoyed it all the same. Next time, I definitely plan on being a cheerleader, mostly because I really wanted to have more time to look at and comment on other readers blogs about the various things they are reading. I plan on checking out some this week though. Is there anything you learned during your Read-A-Thon experience? Let me know!


  1. I totally started reading aloud to my pets... but I like to read aloud, so I can't really blame readathon. I had a really tough time tracking the amount of time spent reading since I was too busy obsessing over twitter. Now I'm in withdrawal! The one thing I learned from this time is that next time I am taking off work the Friday and Sunday after readathon so that I can be better rested. And I did so much unofficial cheerleading this time that I might as well sign up to do it officially next time.

  2. Congrats on your first read a thon.

    I always seem to learn something from every read a thon.

    I thankfully was having computer problems so I didn't get alot of online time so that worked for me.

  3. Mine was: set a timer during breaks and go back to reading as soon as it goes off. I didn't read as much as I wanted to because I'd get distracted during my breaks.

  4. LOL. Love the post...sadly I had to work so I couldn't participate in the Read-A-Thon but I try to make every spare moment I have my own mini-read-a-thon. Hopefully next time around I can participate in the fun, but it is great seeing all the posts from during and after the event. (Oh, and yes...reading in bed does eventually lead to the land of dreams...and reading aloud when you're by yourself is normal...or at least I hope so because I do it from time to time too!) Thanks for sharing...and happy reading!

  5. HI! Heard of you through 'Chew & Digest Books' my favorite book review blog. I really like the looks of your blog and can't wait to nose around a little more!

  6. Thanks for all the feedback. It's good to know I am not alone when it comes to reading to my pets. I think I'll be prepared for next time around. Also, a big welcome to Cotton Blossom. Thanks for checking out our blog! Let us know what kinds of posts you would like to see from a publisher!

  7. All of the things you learned are so true! I have learned I'm happier not keeping track of pages read and hours. Especially towards the end of the readathon, none of those numbers make any sense to me! See you with your pom-poms in October!


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